Top extreme sports worth investing your time in

As traders we might not have enough time for doing sports. Let alone extreme sports. But it doesn’t mean that we can’t look into the possibilities to gain a little bit of adrenaline on our days off?

While a simple trip to the gym might not cut it, we can always look for the possibility of doing something more interesting with our time.

So, here are the top beast extreme sports for us to invest out attention in.



Oh, the waves and the water and gliding right on the top of the ocean. That is the dream come true. That is doubtful that you haven’t been tempted by surfing at least once in your lifetime. And those who have tried it at least once are probably hooked on it ever since they first got on the board. Although surfing is available mostly for those who lives next to oceans it is possible to find in-door facilities where you can at least start to understand how to surf.

Hang gliding.


Glide right above the mountain all with the sort of the wings behind your back? Just catch that wind wave in sore high in the skies. That true feeling of freedom is risky, but we are looking into extreme sports at the moment. If you have tried it at least once, then you already know that the desire to go once again is never going to go away.

Hot air ballooning.


We all know what the air balloons are. But not a lot of people know that there is actually a sport with the center of the balloons inside of it – hot air ballooning. Basically it is a race for those, flying in the air balloons. Out of all of the extreme sports this one might be the calmest and picturesque. And it looks so cool for those on the ground as well...



Personally I would never dare and try this, but a lot of people say that that is the dream of their life – to try and skydive. Falling to the ground with the ability to leave all of the trouble ad thoughts behind as just free your mind with the though how insignificant your problems may be I the wake of such special feelings. That is the price that people can’t just put on the process. Skydiving takes mental effort and a little bit of a training, but it all depends on the heights that you jump from after all.

Bungee Jumping.


Not nearly as risky as skydiving, people say that it is also not nearly as exciting. Well, it made my list, so it is extreme after all. bungee jumping can also take place in various places and happen from various heights, so you choose your level of risk. In case you want to start you can always try your local bridges. People always set up bungee-jumping constrictions above rivers and other water bodies.

Scuba diving.


For those who want to go low and not high there is also something – scuba diving which is just a quiet way to look after the sea life. This one probably requires more theory that everything else on the list, as there is difficult equipment involved it barely means that it is less fun and can’t be relaxing. Imagine going 15 meters under the red sea level. Oh, that perfect picture of life without having to work, clean up and wash the dishes. Just pure quietness and calm.

Ice climbing.

Climbing the icebergs, or going inside the huge ones in order to hear the ice is one of the most beloved sources of fun for rich people, as reaching the icebergs is difficult and expensive. Although one trip to Greenland can easily satisfy your need to see and climb an iceberg. Just imagine – just you and old, old blueness face to face, pretty cool, isn’t it?

Which ones of these would you try?