Real Madrid-Ajax. Who will win the next game? Send your answer to

On March 5, 2018 Real Madrid is going to play with Ajax. The previous match ended with the result of 2:1 with Real taking the win home.

And just like with any other game, the survey was conducted. 74 percent of 1000 surveyed people predicted the victory of the Real Madrid which indeed happened.

Now we are facing yet another survey which is going to end March 5, 2018 two hours before the game [the game begins at 8 PM London time]. Please, submit your answers to us if you want to be a part of the survey!

This questioner sent to all members please answer the following:
  1. What will be the score in the first half?
  2. What will be the score in the second half?
  3. What score the game will end?
  4. Who will definitely win?
  5. Who will control the ball most of the time?

Your results together with the answers of the other 999 participants of the survey will be published before the game.

We are waiting for your replies at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The team of Investingchef!