Ferrari invested in the new race car... and it is gorgeous

This is titleFerrari presented their new development and endeavor – new F1 race car.
How their investments get any better and aby faster?

Well. It seems that the company found a way to make everything about their modern development even better. 
The pros and the development team of F1 already said this about the car:
We simply tried to raise the bar, raise the level, tried to be as extreme as we could. Certainly we tried to push very hard, being innovative. The roll hoop is very narrow and very slim. The bodywork from the back, very slim. In terms of engine installation, power unit installation, packaging, a lot of effort has been done and I think the final shape is the result of all these efforts.
The new season will not only see the new model of the car. But also new members of the team.

The debut for the car will take place on March, 17 in Melbourne.