Simple investment ideas that managed to bring billions in profits

Simple investment ideas that managed to bring billions in profits
There are a lot of simple ideas that some people have earned billion off of. And today we are going to look at some of them and ask ourselves – WHY OH WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT??

1. Production of chocolate spreads and nut butters.

Who? The Ferrero family.


Right now chocolate butter and various candy are a part of almost every breakfast. This simple idea brought its inventor $10 billion.

2. Storages along highways.

Who? Bradley Hughes.


Storage billionaire – that is the nickname given to this businessman. And his idea was very simple – those who need and want can rent a storage space that he put along major roads and highways. This idea brought him $5.3 billion.

3. Put a bright logo on a plain t-shirt.

Who? Ralph Lauren.


$5 billion all from the desire of people to wear something bright and exclusive. Just put a logo of a dude on a horse on a polo t-shirt and see profits rolling in!

4. Free buyers from boring visits to the book stores.

Who? Jeff Bezos.


Well, the story and the result of Jeff Bezos’ work really requires no explanations. The richest man alive has managed to expand his book-selling business in a real empire that is dominating internet shopping right now.

5. Production of small and cute teddy-bears.

Who? Ty Warner.


Cute teddy-bears with tender messages. I have to say it is one of the best ways to make $4.5 billion.

6. Selling energy drinks.

Who? Chaleo Yoovidhya and Dietrich Mateschitz.


The idea was pretty simple – to sell athletes and those lining the night life caffeine and vitamin B infused drink. A drink that we now know under the name Red Bull. Two co-founders now have around $3 billion each.

7. Every street needs its own coffee shop.

Who? Howard Schultz.


Yes, yes. You are correct. That IS the way Starbucks was born.

Simple and EXTREMELY effective ways to make a lot of money.