You can co-own a French castle for $55 only!

Preserving ancient and old buildings is an essential part of our mission here on Earthy. We have to preserve our history for future generation to know their past, as we know there is no future without a past. And the French have proposed a very interesting way to make people interested in saving ols castles and fortresses.

France is raising money to buy the ancient Chateau de Vibrac castle. Everyone can join the project for a very small price of $55.

For the third year in a row, Heritage Preservation and the Adopte un Chateau Nonprofit Restoration Association have been organizing a fundraiser to jointly purchase the castle.

Currently, 1700 people from 45 countries co-own Chateau de Vibrac. According to the organizers, they expect an income of almost 1 240 000 euros. Each participant gets lifelong access to the castle, a garden area with his name, and involvement in preserving the heritage. There are also plans to grow environmentally friendly vegetables and fruits on the premises of the castle.

The most important thing for now though is to save the castle from the vegetation that is beginning to wrap around the walls of the building.