Recipe for Ukrainian Real-estate Investment and Profit

Recipe for Ukrainian Real-estate Investment and Profit.

All investors around the world rushing to Kiev, not only to open call centers the same like in India and other low economy countries but also for a Real Estate the same like Hungary and other [Western European] countries.


What is the appeal to invest, in such countries?


The example is simple.
People who traveled the world and attended different types of casino can declare that it’s more fun and much more affordable to them to gamble on Romanian Roulette [ Platinum Casino] then in Amsterdam [Holland Casino].


And the reason why:

In [Holland Casino] you have minimum Roulette bet is 5 euros, in [ Platinum Casino] in Romania you have minimum bet of “1 Leo = 0.20 Euro (26.10.2018) “.


What it means; that any individual has the ability to try the game of luck on the casino roulette table same logic applies in investment decision in [Western European] Countries, anyone can invest and profit.


Let’s begin pre revolution “2014 Ukrainian revolution “, and let’s go back to the collapse of the Soviet Union “December 25, 1991 “, Ukraine has announced its “independence day on 24 August 1991”.


Let’s begin pre revolution “2014 Ukrainian revolution “, and let’s go back to the collapse of the Soviet Union “December 25, 1991 “, Ukraine has announced its “independence day on 24 August 1991”.

Ukraine’s from 1991 up to 2014 the history and economics of the country was corrupted; from the outside world view it was considered [third world country]. In 2014 what was seemed and translated on the news as a Large war going on in Ukraine based on several weeks of fighting and mostly near [Maidan Square] in Kiev. 130 man reported died and the [President Yanukovych of Ukraine flee from the country]. Since this moment in February of 2014 the smell of revolution and as we say in the investment industry blood on the street have brought the investors rushing in to invest in Ukrainian Real Estate Market.


Let’s take a look on the Economic part of the [USD/UAH] from 2016 to 2018


We can see a stable economics in the last 2 years, moving on a stable trend from 24 to 28 Hryvnia compared to USD.


The economic part is stable for now, and the opportunity to make a huge profit has gone. Investors in Ukraine who knew “What is a revolution in the [currency market]” in 2014 have purchased then dollars waited several years and tripled their money from 8 Hryvnia to 28 Hryvnia, Tripled their income in just 2 years.


Today’s Market in Kiev is a heaven for Real Estate. European laws are coming in to town, streets are being fixed, parking laws are taking place, renovation everywhere and the most important ingredient in this investment era is the development of the sky scrapers around Kiev.


"every 5th girl in Ukraine is a working girl"

One more ingredient is the way truism works, in October time 2018 all the hotels and Airbnb apartments are booked, that shows on the surface money flowing in and tourists need to spend it, on coffee and prostitutes.


Very spicy ingredient; prostitutes.
Another one of the main Attraction of Kiev is the non-stop quite openly non spoken by the government allowance of prostitutes, it’s considered that every 5th girl in Ukraine is a working girl - 20%.


The reason for this fact mentioned in this article is the huge demand for apartments to rent by the high rush of tourism.


Very important ingredient to add is the basic accommodation: attractions, food drinks cigarettes and so on is considered to the tourists very cheap while the Real-Estate market stable and profitable.


Let talk Money:

Average rent of an apartment of a normal class in the center can move from $600 up to $2000 per month or from $100 up to $200 per night.


Initial investment can go from 40,000 US dollars up to 120,000 Us Dollars and there are 2 approaches to do so


  1. Buy and renovate
    1. The renovation part with $20,000 it should be more than enough.
  2. To purchase a new apartment
    1. A risk the company which is building the structure can go bankrupted



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