Queen The movie (Investing point of view)

The release of the movie was several days ago and the amount of discussion is endless.

The movie itself is basically what you expect it to be, to be Hollywood.

The small drama, the tears and great performances of the actors.


In one of the scenes Director of EMI played by Mike Myers decides not to put out a song of 6 minutes due to radio friendly limitation of 3minutes record and those costs him of losing the bend.

“ In other words if you have already investment that is working, and you have a strategy that works continue with it, don’t change it or try make it better. “

This movie is hard to take as a lesson in investment because it is a movie, never the less in the beginning the signing of queen was because they were doing and experimenting something new.


Investment advice: If you encounter in a new revolution stock, back it up and invest in it. Or if you a forex trader and you see the countries make unbelievable moves like preparing going to world war 3 also make your investment in currencies that moment.


The movie Queen itself in my guess will break all the charts and will be seen by everyone in the world, my only wish that movies will work the same as stocks, so people can invest in a movie and then enjoy from the dividends.