Perfect investment opportunities: Africa

Perfect investment opportunities: Africa

Africa is a rising star when it come to the new investment possibilities. Although it may not seem so, it is in fact true. Those, looking for the perfect possibility to invest should look inside this interesting and new market that is emerging right in front of our eyes and until now has been flowing by us.

1. Retail.

Consumer growth of Africa is very much undeniable. Urbanization there is going at an extremely fast pace and we have been overlooking this factor grossly. Of course, Africa has different consumer opportunities throughout the continent and retail as a whole is a highly fragmented sector, as there are many fields inside of it, but it all comes down to this – there are countries inside Africa that are developing. The international image of the whole continent is sorely mistaken to be painting all of Africa in poverty.

For example, Algeria has a pretty high wealth-per-person index. Wealth in urbanized regions is crawling up. Kenya is going forward due to high population growth and strong development of the middle class as well as the private sector. Nigeria currently has a boom in the private property sector due to the same high level of urbanization.

With that being said, we need to look into this sector of African development as it is extremely promising and investing opportunities are gross.

2. Infrastructure.

It is all due to the same above-mentioned urbanization. A lot of African territory is covered in sand and new and new additions to the cities are only going to demand new and new infrastructure changes. And here we can see the same level of mixed performance and numbers across the continent, as in the previous point, which is normal, and it only gives investors more opportunities to look into.

Look at Egypt. The country has been developing and building at an enormous pace. The government of the country has been extremely favorable to the companies and private investors who are willing to put their money on the line and see this country grow together with their donations.

Egypt was named 7th most attractive country to invest in in all of Africa. And the story doesn’t end with it. Mauritius, South Africa, Morocco, Namibia and other countries are all willing to develop, but night be lacking donations for that. That is where we may step in with the promises for the bright future for us and African countries.

3. Agriculture.

Now, there is a strong side of African economy. Agricultural sector is extremely strongly developed in the continent as a whole, but there are still vast fields that need to be worked through. About 60 percent of all the possible-for-agriculture-territory is not developed. And African really need the means to be able to produce more to satisfy ever-growing demand.

African countries produce fish, coffee, fruit, tobacco and supply the world with what they can produce. Bit a lot of countries, like, for example, Ethiopia have a lot of untapped into resource. African soil is extremely fruitful, but, once again, undeveloped.

Investors from around the world are starting to realize this potential for the African continent and pretty soon the agricultural sector is going to be flooded, so it is better to get in quickie and early, is there is such an urge. Later there may be no possibility to do so on your own terms.


About 80 percent of East Africa’s population doesn’t have access to sustainable power or any power at all. 55 percent of Nigerian population suffer from that same problem. And reliable energy is the key to the well-being of African population.

Liberia has 90 percent of people who need power. 90 percent of the whole population of the country – think about it. And Liberia has some sort of a solution for the problem – hydroelectricity. But they desperately need funds in order to develop this idea.

Solar power is another initiative that is barely tapped into. There are a lot of companies out there that would be willing to install solar panels for the far-away region of African countries, but the search for eager investors keeps on going.

With so many problems and opportunities Africa is slowly turning into one of the most attractive investment regions on the planet. I am saying that investing into it is a must, but it is definitely worth looking into.

Would you invest into developing Africa?