Unexplainable amount of money for unusual investment

Unexplainable amount of money for unusual investment
What would you spend 1.25 million euro on? Nice house? Cool car? The education for your children you can find? Perfect healthcare plan? All of those things are affordable with the amount like that. But there are some people who decide to go the other way around. There are people who choose to do other things with their money. Like buying an extraordinary expensive… bird.

That’s right. One of the winners of this year’s pigeon race was sold in Belgium auction yesterday. The winner costs as much as 1.25 million euro. In total the auction sold 178 birds of a Belgium breeder for the total amount of 2 million euros.

The auction takes place several times a year with a previous entry having taken place in November. Back then one of the pigeons was sold for 6.5 million euro.

The birds which are being sold are a special kind – post pigeon. They can fly as fast as 150 kilometers per hour and they can cover up to 1120 kilometers a day.

That’s a rather interesting investment, dot you think?