Top 10 decade defining movies

Top 10 decade defining movies

On some long dark evenings there stands a question – what to do? And quite often we resort to watching a movie. But, with such a vast choice it might be difficult to choose one. And we just re-watch FRIENDS again. But not when these are in question.

Time has issued top 10 movies of the decade, seeing how the decade is coming to an end. And here are the movies that you may want to invest your time in tonight.

10. Somewhere.
Director: Sofia Coppola.

A tale of father, whose life was slipping away as he understands that his daughter needs more of hit time and attention.

9. Cave of Forgotten Dreams.
Director: Werner Herzog.

Documentary about the uncovering of the cave’s ancient secrets.

8. Melancholy.
Director: Lars von Trier.

Planet Melancholy is nearing our planet and the end of the world nears as the main characters are trying to come to terms with their fate.

7. Before Midnight.
Director: Richard Linklater.

The last film in the “Before…” trilogy. A couple is trying to adjust to their life after manu years of trying to get together.

6. Phoenix.
Director: Christian Petzold.

A Tale of love and betrayal during the WWII.

5. John Wick.
Director: Chad Stahelski.

Former hitman has to come back to business after his wife’s death.

4. Selma.
Director: Ava DuVernay

A tale of the fight for the right of African-American citizens in 1960s. 

3. Moonlight.
Director: Barry Jenkins.

Coming of age story of a gay boy, growing up in a poor ghetto.

2. Lost City Z.
Director: James Gray

Adventures of British explorer coming across evidence of ancient civilization that lived in the Amazon forests.

1. Roma.
Director: Alfonso Cuaron

A story of a maid living in the house with rich family in Mexico City in 1970s.