Several dollar investment brought $1 million to a man on his birthday
Sometimes financial success may be as close as investing in one lottery ticket away. It certainly was for the citizen of American Tennessee state who won !1 million on his birthday.

The lucky winner says that he decided to but a lottery ticket on a whim while he was going up his car on a way home. The only example of on-a-whim-purchase that payed off, by the way. It is understandable that he still thinks that it is all just a very good dream.

By the way, the winner says that he is going to take his money and invest it all and it his turn he is going to go on living with his regular salary. Which if you ask me a very honorable intention for a guy who just won a million bucks minus tax.

Although lotteries are highly unreliable and scratch cards in the USA are widely popular. A lot of people prefer to rely on luck in order to make some extra cash on the side. But we know that the only sure way to make some money is to make an interesting investment according to the book and enjoy the fruit of it.