Oscars 2019 - winners in main categories

Oscars 2019 - winners in main categories

Oscars. Every year we trust the Academy to choose the best movies that were issued during the year. After getting that desired golden statue in their hands actors usually see the rise of their career, although for unlucky few it a peak of it.

There are a lot of categories in the ceremony, but after all, all we are looking at is 7 categories: best actor and best actress, best supporting actor and actress, best animated film and best picture of the year.

And why am I talking about it? Well, because 91st Oscars ceremony took place on Los Angeles yesterday. And here is who took home those desired statuettes in the main categories:

Best supporting actor – Mahershala Ali – Green Book.

A tale of a black pianist and his white driver. An outrageous situation that really took place when racism in the United States was flourishing. Warm and cozy road movie with funny as well as serious plot twists. Also, playing a real historical figure – can there be more pressure? In any case Ali nailed it!

Best supporting actress – Regina King – Is Beale Street Could Talk.

A pregnant woman who seeks to save her beloved from being wrongfully accused and put to prison. A tough role and a very tough story. But seeing King pour her entire pain on the screen is gut-wrenching. Could there be any other winner?

Best actor – Rami Malek – Bohemian Rhapsody.

Oh, Queen. A lot of people praised the picture for telling the story of one of the greatest singers and front men of one of the most famous bands of all time – Queen and of course, Freddie Mercury. A perfect tribute to a legend who is never going to be forgotten. Plus, music and all of the familiar songs are going to make is a perfect way to introduce Queen to younger generations.

Watching Rami, it is difficult to understand whether you are seeing an actor or Freddie, coming back to us.

Best actress – Olivia Colman – Favorite.

Controversial film that is showing us a woman in pain. A woman conflicted. A woman with no one to trust. A woman depressed. Oh and did I mention that it is a Queen Anne of England? Even the strongest need someone to rely on.

Although I have to say that in case you want to watch it with your children in order to introduce then to XVII century England – it is not a good choice. Although quite realistic, the movie and the language I it is NOT meant for the kids under 16.

Best animated film – Spiderman: into the Spider-verse.

Who loves comics and cartoons? Kids! Combine those two and you have a recipe for success.

Best picture – Green Book.

Yes, that same green book. I highly recommend watching it as it is a perfect tale of friendship, personal growth and acceptance.