Mona Lisa threatens to fall apart

Mona Lisa threatens to fall apart

The sad truth of life – no matter how hard and how much we are trying to invest into preserving what is precious to us, it might never be enough.

October 24 marks the opening of the Louvre exhibition dedicated to 500th anniversary of death of Leonardo da Vinci – a painter most famously known for his Mona Lisa painting. But for a lot of people this might be the last time when they are going to be able to see the painting, as the masterpiece is now in a critical state.

Just a few days ago the painting came back from the restoration, but it turned out that the condition of it is much worse than was previously anticipated. One can say that Mona Lisa is borderline crumbling.

It seems that the panting’s state is so bad that it can just split in two while being transported – that is the main reason for the painting not to go to any other museums. 

Mona Lisa is believed to be painted in Florence between 1503 and 1506 and is depicting Lisa Gherardini del Giocondo.