Is 10 thousand hours really all you need to become a pro?

Is 10 thousand hours really all you need to become a pro?

Have you ever heard that if you spend 10 thousand hours doing something, then you become an expert in it? Are you on your 8000th hour of learning the guitar?

Well today I have to disappoint you.

All of that time investment was for nothing, I am afraid.

American scientists have busted the myth that 1- thousand hours is all that takes to become an expert in something.  The clue is to understand that world-class musicians, scientists and other people who have reached perfection in their art have put their whole lives on the craft and have been practicing for years and never really stopped. 10 thousand hours is the number way past them and yet they are still busy perfecting themselves.



Scientists have conducted the experiment taking violinists as an example. Turns out, the more they practiced, the better their music became (what a surprise).

It turns out that the everything is pretty individual and there is no universal amount of hours that you need to spend in order to become a real pro.

What have you spent 10 thousand hours doing?