Clean out your car! You might turn out to be a winner!
How long has it been since you cleaned out your car? Look into it – it might be worth the investment of your time. At least a Maryland couple was a proof for this statement.

A Maryland couple were cleaning out their car when they found a lottery ticket in one of the compartments. The ticket turned out to be a winning one. They got an instant $250 thousand win! Isn’t that cool?
A ticket was bought a week ago and even though the chance was not high, they decided to check the numbers on the ticket! It turned out that they got their lucky break and won $250 thousand. That is the coolest story I have heard in weeks! I have to go clean out my car! Who knows what I am going to find left in there.

Although it does seem like an April’s fool’s joke it is a true story!

It seems that lately Americans were extremely lucky with their winnings! Some time ago two people have won $521 and $522 million. If only one of them were me… we all thought!

So! Cleaning time it is?