Breathtaking and cool cars worth investing in

Breathtaking and cool cars worth investing in

Luxurious and not-so-luxurious cars have long ago become something of an interest for those who want to invest their money into something they can use or at least touch. Driving is just a pretty bonus to it all.

And right now when we come to the point when interesting investment opportunities is a hot topic it is time to look at the cool cars, investing into which is the best idea.


As a matter of fact, the whole series of Renault Mégane RS sports cars is something to look out for. Almost the entire line has already become an item for collectors, so if you are not going to surf the streets of your city with one of these F1 cars you can always sell it to one of the collectors.

This particular model saw the world in 2008 and the cost right now is somewhere about $6500. Not bad, huh? The team standing behind this classic has already become legendary for their ability to combine together sports and classic look.



I simply can’t think of anything as classy and legendary as this Porsche model. The stats are incredible and the time that it takes to go from 0 to 60 mph is only 4.2 seconds. But who needs these numbers when it is a love from the first sight?

Just look at the curves in the outside and in the design inside and feel the power that you are holding with the wheel of the model right in your arms… feel like James Bond yet?


Loving sports cars? Look no further than this beauty of premium class. Although you are going to have to pay quite some money in order to have it, it is a perfect investment as this model falls under the category of the cars which are only getting more expensive with the time.

Just like good wine, specs of this car are only looking better compared to commonly-used cars which are produced today.



Ok, full disclaimer, even though you probably can ride this one, it doesn’t mean you should. After all this oldie is just for having fun, displaying and collecting. That’s it, given that the first model was issued in 1888 it probably costs quite a lot, but believe me, those, collecting these babies are going to hunt each and every opportunity to seize a model of it. And they are going to be prepared to pay quite a sum for it.


Now this is a Mercedes that you can actually drive. And drive with class. This legendary SUV has been initially developed for the military purposes, but in reality the success of it outside of military purposes has been enormous, especially for those, who does have the money to support it.

Design for the Gelandewagen can vary and you can find your own model for your purposes if you are ready to handle such power.

Which one would you buy?