Are you ready to say goobye to daylight saving time?

Are you ready to say goobye to daylight saving time?
Aaahh… daylight savings time. Even though not all of the countries of the world still use, there is still a big number of countries that prefer using it. And not that there is something wrong with it, it is just so hard to remember when we are supposed to change time and even harder to get used to waking up an hour earlier once a year. But it seems that sooner rather than later a lot of countries are going to reject it.

That’s right. If you live in Europe there is high chance that starting October 2021 your country is going to stop changing time. Although Euro parliament already voted FOR the decision, the final word is still lefty for every country to decide. 
Although the information we have right now is not final and the final decision is still going to be accepted after much more discussions, one thing is clear – we are ready to leave daylight savings time behind.

As European countries are making this decision, there are more countries which are going to follow. For example, Ukraine, a country that is aimed at becoming a EU country in the nearest decade also said that daylight savings time is going to be cancelled together with EU countries.

But why wait until 2021? Well, with so many countries-participants of the agreement it was decided to take more time so that to escape misunderstandings.

And the citizens of the countries of the EU seem to agree with the decision as well. 80 percent of the respondents voted FOR the cancellation of daylight savings time change.