6 things to invest on your wedding, that go a long way

One of the most magical day in the life of two people – their wedding day. And while it is an undeniable celebration of love, it is also often associated with a lot of spendings and a lot of money, seemingly wasted.

When the spendings are not adjusted properly a lot of money can indeed go down the drain, and a special day turn into one expensive party. So, I decided to dive into the topic and make up a list – 6 things which are worth investing in on your wedding day.

1. Bridal look.

  1. The dress.
Look. There are a lot of girls out there who are ready to claw your eyes out for a perfect dress for the perfect day. And that it harsh, but fair. After all, us girls – we imagine this day since we turn 4 and we want everything to be perfect. So look at it as an investment into the perfect memory of the bride.
  1. Jewelry.
Accessories tie the whole outfit together. That is why it is important to buy the right ones. And while there might be no point in extremely expensive accessories, unless you are marring into royalty, accessories are a different story from the dress. These can be worn again and again.
  1. Shoes.
The bride is going to go mingle, dance and generally walk around a lot. That is why shoes simply must be the most continent and fitting item of clothing that can possibly exist. Plus, just like jewelry, she can wear the again.

2. Outfit for the groom.

Groom is arguably not as important as the bride. But he also has to look perfect. That is why paying extra attention to detail for the groom is also worth investing your time and money into. And plus, it is not a huge white dress that is going to hang in your closet for the rest of the days. He can actually wear the suit to theater and special occasions.

3. Photographer.

While a camera man is optional, wedding photographer is a must. And the better he is, the better your memories are going to be. Plus, these are the photos which are going to be shown to all of your relatives and offspring. That is why it is important to hire the best one you can find, after all there is nothing worse after a wedding than opening a wedding album and seeing a disaster in the photos.

4. Atmosphere.

What your wedding looked like is the first thing that people are going to be remembering about your special day. And the atmosphere if your day is going to be created with the designs that you choose. That is why investing a certain amount in the design of the napkins and the chars is worth every penny.

5. Cake.

Oh, the wedding cakes. If only we could eat you forever and ever. And a bad baker is not the one you want to hire for the occasion. Perfect wedding cake – a pretty and very important cherry in the top of your festivities.

6. The most important thing.


Invest emotionally. There is nothing worse than being at your wedding with the frozen face. You need to invest your emotions and your most warm feelings into this occasion. And make sure that these feelings last a lifetime.