10 movies to invest your time in on a weekend

Today is the day we are waiting for every week – Friday. That means that we have two days of having to do absolutely nothing in front of us. And what better ways to spend your weekend than a bucket of popcorn. Significant other by your side and a perfectly relaxing movies on the screen?

Here are the top movies that you can relax to this weekend.

The Lake House

If you are into romantic stuff this film is for you.

Trying to change her life, Kate is moving from her lake house in Chicago. She decides to write a letter for the next owner of the house and hides it in the mail box. The next owner of the house is Alex – an architect who decides to reply to the letter. And after the mailing between the two gains the pace, we discover a shocking fact that is going to send the fallen-in-love couple in a road to look for their meeting.

The Bucket List.


A bittersweet story with the perfect cast – Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson are looking at their best in the 2007 movie. Two people set to look for the meaning of life, when there is not so much life left. In case you are looking for the sense of purpose and hope that is the perfect movie for you. plus, the scenery and soundtrack are perfectly mashed together.

The Gift.


Looking for a little bit of a thrill? The Gift is perfect story about a seemingly perfect life that is ruined by a former classmate of Simon – the main character of the film. Gordo, who hasn’t been in contact with Simon for years is set to turn everything upside down in this story with one simple gesture. What hides between this facade? Watch and see.

The Big Wedding.


What can be better than a big family occasion? Well, according to dome members of this family a lot. A story about a modern family trying to live through one if the most important and strained days. A conservative biological mother, who flew half the world in order to see the festivities is ruining the plans for every member of this occasion.

The Theory of Everything.


Life of the late grate Stephen Hawking out right in front of us – that is what I call interesting. If you want to know the progress of his life, his illness and his research. All tangled with the powerful story of life, family and personal strength than this movie is perfect for you. Plus, watching Oscar-winning performance of Eddie Redmayne is just worth all the time.

Julie and Julia.


Not a lot of people know Julia Child outside of the USA – let’s just say that she was the woman who taught Americans how to eat and cook. Inspired by her story, modern day blogger decides to cook each and every recipe in her Julia’s book. How will that turn out? Delicious!

Grand Budapest Hotel.


Intriguing, bright and extremely interesting. These are the words that come to mind when I remember this film. A story of the bell boy in the glory days of the Grand Budapest hotel is nothing short of the incredible. Perfect musical score and unforgettable performance of the actors are the perfect blend for a relaxing weekend.

Thor: Ragnarok.


In case you are not the fan of Marvel comics, that’s fine, but this movie is actually a perfect blend of the super-heroic staff, mixed with good comedy and jokes for the adults. So it is not only going to be entertaining for the kids, but for adults as well. Give it a try if you just want to relax and not to think about anything.  

21 Jump street.


Now, this movie is as far from a kid-friendly movie as one can possibly get. Doesn’t mean that adults can’t enjoy it. put your little ones to bad and put it one. A childish story about a drug ring in one of this high schools as well as the connection to the iconic 90s series 21 Jump Street starring Johnny Depp is going to remind you what it is like to be young and reckless.

School of Rock.

If you haven’t seen it yet, that is an absolute must that is only becoming more iconic with years. Jack Black is at his best in order to teach your kids how to learn old-school hard rock. Classic music is impossible not to sing along to, and you are simply bound to laugh at every scene.

Of course, there are a lot more movies out there, so use your weekend up to discover them!

Which one is your favorite?