$4.5 million for a watch that can travel to Mars!
A very expensive and a very unusual investment was made yesterday on Sotheby’s auction in London.

Are you familiar with one George Daniels? Well, he is only deemed to be the best pocket watch producer of all times, no biggy. And so back in 1982 he created a Space Traveler I watch. By 1988 it was already in someone’s private collection and right now it was sold from the auction to an anonymous bidder.
Why has the piece of news caught our eye? Well, it was the priciest pocket watch ever sold. The lost went away from a whopping $4.5 million. The most expensive watch to ever exist – such is the reputation of Space Traveler from now on.

The unusual name was given to the watch as Daniels himself has said – this is THE watch to take with yourself in case you are visiting Mars. It is a unique piece that shows all of the imagination of the author.
Experts are saying that the price for the watch is totally justified by the impact that Daniels had on the whole watch industry.

Daniels was widely known for the fact that even the tiniest details of his watches were hand made.

Previous record for the most expensive watch was also set by Daniels’ watch - $4 million for Space Traveler.

Daniels died in 2011. Throughout his life he created 27 watches.