How to deal with informational stress?

How to deal with informational stress?

For now, I want to turn away from investing and talk about information.

After all that is our bread – looking for the new pieces of information that can help us along the way every day. And even though all of the pieces eventually result in the winning performance, as you become more and more aware of the situation in the world, our heads can’t take the amount of information we try to force inside.

My point is that we can’t always take the amount of information that we are supposed to take in right now. every day we may read 7-15 articles on different subjects that may or may not influence our lives in the end.

I am sure that has already happened to you – you are coming home after a long day and you just want to relax. You do not want to read and watch and listen to anything. You need to ball up in the informational vacuum and be alone with yourself. But even in this case you still have the thoughts of the day gone by, don’t you?

Well, you are not alone, my friend, you are really not alone. That happens to everyone. A lot of people over the years started to complain about being constantly tired and having headaches several times more than they used to.

And what I am trying to say is that sometimes we really need to cut back on the information that we are taking in. sometimes the pieces we are taking in are so useless that it is not even worth reading, but we still do it, hoping to grasp some additional information.

The real question here is what do we do with all of this? We can’t just stop looking for the news, can we? After all, as investors and trades we always have to be alert. But there are several points that we can go through in order to keep our heads clean.

For example, we can leave the weekend for the weekend, if I can say so. What that means is that let the weekend be the time off. You do not need to work 24/7 in order to be successful. Even the richest and most hard working allow themselves to relax from time to time. Actually, they take measures to the next level. They take extreme and relaxing appointments, they look for the fun ways to spend the time and they switch their phones off – if the time is off, it is off.

What can be the consequence of never letting go? Well. Health hazards is the most obvious answer here. Heart diseases, nervous breakdown, constant illnesses – all of that is the result of the body that doesn’t really rest. All of that are the results of us mot relaxing.

Although sometimes it may seem too expensive and ‘out there’ for us to get long rest, but in the end it will all pay off in better focus, better performance and better win rate. Trust me.