Horrific plunge of EUR/USD!

Horrific plunge of EUR/USD!
Is this something that we expected to see today? Well, the speech of Mario Draghi – President of European Central Bank was hinting at the fact that we are going to see euro change price, but we were hoping to see it change on the green side. Not on the red one.

But what did we expect? After all euro has not been properly supported in the last few months. Revolution in France and bad economic data from Germany have been reasons for a lot of troubles for united European currency and right now we just see that tough times for euro are from over.
Those who were planning on investing into the couple today are having bad luck as, as we can see, the couple only keeps on plunging lower and lower. Seems that traders are not going to restore their trust into EUR for a long time to come.

Bad news… it had to come sooner or later.