eToro launched a new feature that will help you trade

eToro launched a new feature that will help you trade
Investment platform eToro launched a CopyTrader feature for its American users. This function allows traders to automatically copy trades of other traders in the platform.

Guy Hirsch the CEO of eToro said that before launching the feature, the platform selected the best and most experienced crypto traders. Among them are YouTube DataDash channel host Nicholas Merten and UFC fighter Ben Askren.

Beside eToro was working together with American law firms in order to guarantee that the feature is going to function according with the currency US laws. In order to promote the new functions of the platform, eToro even hired one of the biggest starts in Hollywood.
CopyTrader is a free-to-use feature. eToro also stated that they are going to compensate traders whose trades were copied by other users. How much is going to be compensated is going to depend on the number of trades copied. 

The feature is already available beyond the US. For example user of eToro in Europe can already enjoy it.