Enjoy pound now - it might not be possible in the nearest future

Pound traders are soon to experience not one wave of shakes, but two.

Here is the deal. There is no way that Brexit doesn’t impact pound’s value. After all, important decisions like that are always going to awake the entire spectrum of the problems that the country might face. And in the monetary segment especially.

So, here we have one.

But what can possibly happen that can undermine pound’s investment stability in the future? well, it seems that the Queen E is going to retire as soon as she hits her 95th birthday and you know that after a lengthy rule like that you can’t just close the door behind you and hope that the country is going to be just fine.
Even though the Queen doesn’t really take any part in legislature process, but in the end she is the symbol of stability and one of the most recognizable faces on the planet.

So, even though we still have 2 years before that happens do you think that pound is going to have time to recover after something as hard as Brexit before Elizabeth II is stepping down?
I don’t think so. For some reason both of the hits seem too big for pound to properly withstand. And in case there is no full recovery after Brexit is finalized we are in biiiig trouble.

So, my point is this – if you are a big fan of pound, enjoy trading it now, because in the future it might not be possible.