Does Ethereum downfall signal the end of crypto era?

Does Ethereum downfall signal the end of crypto era?
Four years after the launch this very popular crypto started to lose positions. All of the project that were going to be based on Ethereum’s platforms are moving away. The coin is losing its portion of the market very fast.

Even Kyla Samani, the founder of the Multicoin Capital Management hedge fund admits the defeat and says that although for the first several months Ethereum had no competition and right now there is simply too much choice.

Of course migration to all of the other system influenced the price for the coin.

But in their turn the developers of the coin are saying that this was inevitable because when it comes to the smart contracts Ethereum was the first one and more modern options are simply offering better service and faster transactions.

To us it seems that Ethereum is already dead and resuscitating it would be a waste of time. But is it right to say so? Well that is up for debate.

One thing is almost clear – it seems that the short era of crypto is either behind us or it is only going to gain more power as it goes. And we only need to wait to find out the answer.