Differect countries that invested in the clean environment

Differect countries that invested in the clean environment

Environment. One the most precious things that we as a society have to protect at all cost.

After all our lives depend on it. and it is sad to see that not all of the people on Earth believe in a scientific fact – that our planet is in desperate need of help right at the moment.

That is why it is so important to know which countries do invest in the clean environment. For example, United States pulling out of the Paris agreement are didn’t exactly reflect well on the international image of the country and, as a result, investment potential of dollar was undermined along with our faith in Trump.

So, which countries invest in the clean environment?


Australians are lucky. They have the whole continent to themselves. And that is why it is easier for them to be more committed to the cause as a functioning society – there are no neighbors which are going to ruin the effort for them.
That is why it is amazing that Australians are doing everything in their power to stop ocean pollution. They have even put special nets on the rain gauges, so that all of the waste that goes down the drains during rains is gathered in the nets and then can be recycled and properly dispersed of.


Indonesians are also fighting for their country on their own. And I can’t say that they have been failing. After all Indonesians are the ones who have implemented cassava starch (plant based) in order to make bags. These bags are going to, hopefully, fully substitute plastic bags in the country and in the region as a whole.
What is so great about the new design? Well, it is fully bio-degradable and is not polluting the environment.


This small and seemingly unnoticeable country in South Caucasus is doing its part. Georgia is home for a lot of extremely beautiful nature and rare animals. That is why it is shame to see all of that environment so polluted with waste. And that is why this year became pivotal for the locals. You see, plastic bags in the country are totally free, so people do not really care about wasting their own money for them, hence, a lot of those is simply thrown away.
But Georgian government stepped up and banned plastic bags, starting next year, claiming to exchange them for the paper or eco bags.

4.All of the Paris Agreemnt countries.

All of the countires that have signed the Paris agreement – a document, which obligates all of the countries to limit their CO2 emissions. And, although we still have a long way to go here it is a good start for out planet.


Here is a fun fact. Germans do not let the cars, which have a higher rate of emissions, than allowed by law inside their cities.  In case you are driving a car and your emissions rate is way off the charts. You are going to be denied your access into certain cities. Brutal, but working way of keeping breathing air in the cities clean.

6.Los Angeles.

Yes, yes. I know, Los Angeles is a city. But is it worth mentioning that Los Angeles has recently passed a regulation that is going to ban plastic straws. In the city where Starbucks and other coffee shops, as well as lemonade stands, smoothie cafes and a lot of other services offer, the waste of the plastic straws is massive. And it is good that the officials of the city have finally recognized the problem. In my opinion more and more cities and the whole countries have to get connected to the initiative.  
What initiative would you invest in in order to save our planet? Respond in the comments!