Where can we get trading information?

Of course in order to be able to analyze all of the fundamentals you need to understand where you can get all of the necessary information.

There are too many sources for us to get the info. If you google forex + info you are going to be exposed to about 30.000.000 piece of websites that can give you the necessary information. And there is no way that you can analyze all of the info in order for it to bring advantage to your trading day.

Well, there are several types of online websites that can help you get all the necessary info. There are economic calendars, news websites, and the websites that publish general info on forex trading.

Those, who prefer to live with forex calendars have probably already worked out a perfect system on how to turn all of the daily points to your profit. Forex calendars are also going to help you understand what you are to wait for during the day and what movements can be anticipated in the markets. My personal favorite is here. Adjustable and easy-to-understand.

Usual news sources are not that obscure. We all know them even if we do not use them on daily basis. Such names as Reuters, The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg have long become the part of pop-culture with them being referenced in news, moves and even soap operas. Those who ready these daily have a high chance of understanding what is going on the world and what are the reasons behind certain market moves.


There are also such type of forex information as trading signals. These nifty little tools are going to help you stay informed of the overall situation in the markets even away from your computer. For my trading I use toolstrades.com. They also have daily market review. Every morning like clockwork – early in the morning I already know what has happened and what assets is good or bad for me. Free WhatsApp signals are also a very cool feature. All and all I recommend you using them.

So, there are tons of information sources for us to draw out of. But for each of us it is important to understand that choosing your source of information is subjective and if your choice doesn’t work with other traders – all is good. 

 Enjoy your trading and never forget about forex analysis’ importance.