What is the most important investment?

What is the most important investment?

What type of trader you are going to be?

What does it depend on you will ask? Well. Mostly it depends on how much time you are willing to spend on the WHOLE process of trading. Mind that this includes it all from learning about the situation in the market all the way up to closing your final trade [if you are shorting] and going to your every-day life.

And so we have come to the most intriguing investment that you can possibly make in the forex market – TIME!


And yes, this can be said about any aspect of life, not only trading, that is absolutely true.

And the main thing that you can learn to do with time is not even investing it into all the right things, but rather knowing how to distribute it correctly and evenly across all of your life in the way that leaves just enough room for you to trade.

And in order to understand what kind of trader you are going to be you need to know: there are four the most important things in forex trading:
  • Forex development where you learn the hottest gossips and whispers of forex traders through the day;
  • News releases where you learn what has already happened. If you can simultaneously attach the news to the market movements that is just great;
  • Prices in other segments of the market where you can see the correlations and movements as well as try and foresee the future.
  • Current events where you try and see what is going to influence your trading in the nearest hours.

Only after this you can trade. So, invest your time just right in ALL of the trading aspects and you are going to find your trading style in no time. And of course I am going to help you with that!