What are we to write down in our trading journal?

What are we to write down in our trading journal?
So, imagine that you have already bought the journal to lead in your trading. But what exactly do you put in?


That’s right everything. From the first day of your trading up until the day you quit [although why would you?] you need to write down every little thing about your trading, your mood, your intuition… your everything.

But for you now to get lost in the options here are the main things that you can out down into your trading journal:

  • Your main motivation to trade for the day of the main reason you came into the market at all for the day.
  • You view and hopes from today’s trading as well as expectations for wins and losses from particular trades.
  • The main observations about the market that you can make. What did you pay extra attention for? What are you looking forward to, what assets do you want to stay away from?
  • Mistakes and opportunities that you have made through the day. Be careful to also note your repeated mistakes. But also be sure to note how to fix them in the future.
  • Results for the day. Did your predictions pay off? Have you noticed the main piece of news that influenced your whole trading? All of it.
  • Plans for tomorrow trading.
Here are the six main points that you can out inside your trading journal – general trading point. 

But do not forget that each and every trade is also going to have to be noted in a journal:

  • Chosen couples/assets;
  • Entry point;
  • Stop loss/take profit – what does your signal show?
  • What do main indicators show?
  • Retrospect of the trade.

When you start noting all of these things you are going to see that you trading became more organized and more successful.