Warning! Important Announcement! Ethereum is dead

Here in InvestingChef we will be first to announce that Ethereum is dead!

All crypto traders and holders of Ethereum can dump Ethereum and uninstall it’s wallet. The bubble has burst?


Same as gold in 2012

This bell of death

How come we know it’s true?

Example: Major machines that mine crypto Ethereum;

Mine with 12 cards 0.8 Ethereum in a month, one Ethereum now worth ±$100 ( 27/11/2018) equal to $80 worth. Electricity cost is around $200 in developed countries to run a rig with 12 cards 24/7. No individual in the world will run such mining machines. Add the cost of the rig around $6,000 cost to have such a mining machine running, and you have gone negative in the balance.

Add the major collapse of the crypto market on the 19th of November in general and you will get a grave yard.

All the crypto traders share the news, dump Ethereum and run for your lives this ride is over!


19th November

Lack of grave yard logo near the Etherium Symobl