USDX chart - read it to know!

So, even though USD is just the one currency, it also has a chart.

As it is traded against all of these currencies there absolutely supposed to be a chart, right? Of course.

The performance of the USD is measured 24/5 with the base number being 100.

So, when the chart is at 83.594 point, that means that since its establishment in 1973, the dollar has lost 16,406 points in value against these major currencies.

Of course it can go higher that the initial establishment point.
Those who just love to count can count away – here is the formula for the USDX:

USDX = 50.14348112 × EUR/USD^(-0.576) × USD/JPY^(0.136) × GBP/USD^(-0.119) × USD/CAD^(0.091) × USD/SEK^(0.042) × USD/CHF^(0.036).

Of course nowadays no one needs to know that ever as, as I already said, there is a special chart that can show us the value of the greenback against the basket of six major currencies in any given time.

You can find the chart here.