ToolsTrades Review

Trading Signals that works

This is one of the most know services, trading signals that works and provide profit - great tool for investors

75% Success rate

Trading signals provided and by reviews from other customers they claim to have %75

6 Signals Each day

Providing daily forex signals every day 3 in the morning 3 in the evening

Live Trading Signals

For Pro Club Member Live signals when ever you request them

Sms Service

For Pro Club Member you receive to your mobile phone SMS service with trading signals

Currency and Commodity

Major signals for Commodity and Currency: Eur/Usd, Usd Chf and so on.. Gold and Oil


Free - Investment in 1 new trading platform
  • - 3 trading signals


Free - Investment in 3 new platforms
  • - SMS Service
  • - 6 Trading Signals
  • - Live Signals


Tools Trades Testimonials grabed from arround the web
"...using their service from january 2018, 1 trade each day have nothing bad to say about them.."
"...i'm telling everyone to stop trading, you have no idea what you are doing use toolstrades service they at least have professionals..." ( taken from a forum )
"...dem found them and who can belive it $325 in in 2 weeks, althout first week had losses buy liam showed me how to use the signals, thanks Liam.."
"...started last week, $200 in great job..."

".. got their proclub plan, still testing but for now looks good..."

"... best thing ever, gettig every day SMS to my phone didn't pay anyhing only invested and got the signals.."