The different types of traders - which one are you?

The different types of traders - which one are you?

At this point you are probably pretty tired of reading about trading plans. But do not worry. At this point we are passed them. But what was all it for? Well, trading plan is a perfect way to determine what type of trader you are going to be in the future. And there are several roads that you can go down from here on.

Remember that there are a lot of people in the world, and of course not all of us are traders or even have a basic understanding of the how the market works. But still. Every trader is individual and unique as well. And that means that there is no general guideline by which we can all trade successfully.


This means that every and each one of us is going to have to determine what kind of trader we are going to be.

And I am here to show you the different ways of trading. AND YOU SHALL PASS! Otherwise what are you doing here in the first place, right?


Remember – you are unique, you are important and you are going to fins just the trading plan and style that suits your personality and your personality only. We are like snowflakes – no two traders are alike!