Review Review Forex Trading Signals cost $1 per 1 signal

One of the most unbelievable trading signals services that you can find over the internet. have Money Back Guarantee policy


Q. What does it mean 5 days’ money back guarantee?

R. Our customers can pay for the forex signals, if they do not like our service, they request a refund, and immediately receive a refund for the package that they have purchased.

Q. Why do you have a Money Back Guarantee policy?

R. We know that the trading signals are exceptional, they work and they work with profit for our customers.

Q. How much money can a customer profit in a week using your signals service?

R. It’s a difficult question, it depends on allot of factors, what lot the client use on his platform, how big is his account and how many signals he purchased from signals win. One thing can be said for sure, we have customers send us back thank you emails with print screens that they have profited, between $50 up to $600 in a week time. We even had one client send us, he was a long client of ours that with 3 trades did $83 in one session. It’s great to receive such feedbacks.

Q. How come we did not see this service before?

R. The developers worked on the formula since 2012, and they continue to develop it daily. The service was opened to the public in September 2018 and started to gain popularity with traders. We have now 27 countries using the signals win product, and our goal is to reach all 182 countries.

Q. So what % of success do you have with

R. From our experience when there is not Major events, every one profit, nevertheless we had an event when Donald trump had performed in UN It reflected so hard on the USD, that our system crashed and did not performed well, after 3 days everything was back to normal and once again all the customers started to profit.

Q. how do you know that your customers are profiting?

R. Here is the answer very simple, Our customer order the signals packages again and again every week. We have loyal customers from day 1.

Q. If we will search the web will we find bad reviews about

R. Bad review are always made by competitors to reflect bad on the other. is a relevant new player on the internet and has already 2 reviews made by other websites: Review 1: Review 2: Although you can see the reviews are quite fair, but they were built to take name and redirect customers to their advertisement offers. So we are glad that we have a positive exposure but making money on our name is a big NO NO.

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Q. In their reviews they are talking about MyFxbook that your service is not proven and not connected to myfxbook.

R. as we explained has moneyback guarantee policy. Each trading signal cost $1, we do not need to prove if our signals service works or not, you buy a package you try several signals, you do not like it you receive a refund and a worst case scenario you tired 3 trades on 0.01 lot and lost $2. Although myfxbook considered as a name in the forex industry but it still a third party website. If you want to know what it feels how to kiss a girl you do not practice on a girl, you kiss a live girl.

Q. How does your service works?

R. Simple, you buy a package. You have access to a signals platform, you have an [ Activate ] Button near each asset. Once you click on [ Activate ] it shows you buy or sell stop lost and take profit. Our SL and TP are suitable to the most forex companies so basically you just need in your forex platform click buy and sell and place SL and TP that your platform provides you, it’ very similar to SL and TP of

Q. It says that you are paying only for winning signals, what does it mean?

R. Service is transparent, if the signal has lost you are not paying for it and the point that was deducted from you account when you placed the trade is added back to your account.

Q. What would you like to say to the forex community?

R. Simple come join and write about us only good reviews.

Testimonial Signalswin


Testimonial Signalswin


Testimonial Signalswin


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Each winning signal cost $1 - you pay only for winning signals.
Alexander Ventura
5:44 PM
i wanted to know
to send a testimonial to our customers
you had 13 signals that you used
and now you have bought another 70
how was the last 13 signals?
Cansius S****t
5:45 PM
Not used more than 5 and all was correct 100%
Alexander Ventura
5:45 PM
ok great to hear it
did you managed to make a profit?
Cansius S****t
5:46 PM
not much I am doing it on 0.01 to see for myself
Alexander Ventura
5:46 PM
and in 0.01
what was the profit?
Cansius S****t
5:46 PM
No R850.00 ZAR in 4 signals
Alexander Ventura
5:47 PM
$57 with small account it's an amazing thing
Cansius S****t
5:48 PM
Account balance is $150
When I start
Alexander Ventura
5:48 PM
If it's ok - i'll send now this testimonial to everyone
Cansius S****t
5:48 PM
Alexander Ventura
5:50 PM
Have a great day