Reviewing - important part of keeping a trading journal.

Reviewing - important part of keeping a trading journal.

So, as soon as you get everything done, when you learn to fill your trading journal with useful information and get when you learn to identify the information that is worth putting inside your trading journal there is only one thing left – you need to learn to review and analyze the information you just put down in there.

And here we need to come back to that one point – why would you keep a trading journal in the first place?

Well to see what works for you and what doesn’t work for you. And so as you see and identify both of these points you are to take an easy step – you need to keep on doing whatever brought you wins and stop doing whatever brought you losses.

It is pretty easy as by this time you have probably already worked out the system, that is going to show what worked and what didn’t work. But in order to help you here is the list of question that you can ask yourself. Giving the answers to them is going to bring you closed to the system.

  • Which chart pattern is the best for you?
  • What was the best way to see breakouts?
  • Do you stick with losing trades longer than you should?
  • Do you stick with your trading plan?
  • What is you reward-risk ratio?
  • What trading time suits you the best?
  • What indicator works best for you?
  • Are you suited for trading?
As soon as you answer these questions it is supposed to become clear for you – are you doing what needs to be done or are you wasting your time? This is the true purpose of a trading journal.