Particles: waves inside waves

Particles: waves inside waves

Up to this point we have been using perfect pictures in order to paint Elliott waves. But the thing is that in real life the waves do not look nearly as perfect and pretty as they do in the pictures that we and other resources might use for their depiction. And you know why? Because there are waves inside the waves! Waveception!

Here is what the graph with the waves looks like in real life


You can see that they are not as smooth as we are used to seeing them. There are waves inside the waves.

They are called fractals. And fractals are repeated from day to day. From time span to time span. From asset to asset. FOREVER AND EVERYWHERE. That is what you need to know about fractals.

Is you will wave and fractals go in endless cycles. And each of the cycles has its name:
  • Grand supercycle (several centuries)
  • Supercycle (40–70 years)
  • Cycle (one year – several years)
  • Primary (a couple of years maximum)
  • Intermediate (months)
  • Minor (weeks)
  • Minute (days)
  • Minuette (hours)
  • Sub-Minuette (minutes)
And you know what is really fun? The fact that the grand supercycle consists of all of the cycles underneath it. and the same can be said about all of the cycles... except for the sub-minuettes. No one is going to follow the graph second by second.

So, we need to know all this why? Because pretty soon we are going to learn how to trade using the Elliott waves! Exciting stuff, huh?