News - main engine behind trading

News - main engine behind trading
Imagine a car. A train? A plane. And even a pack of troops. What do these have in common? That right! They have to be led by someone. And that is what these things have similar with the forex market. Any market for that matter.

How would you ask?

Well, I’ll tell you – markets are also led by something. And that something is called …..


That right the news is the moving force for any kind of market. That is what we base our decisions on. That is what we base our actions on. And that is the force that can make us change our minds.

Say that you heard about some report that is going to cause a dent in you perfect sale. And you know that the source of the news is never wrong Would you sell your assets? Well of course you would! Why? Because the news told you so.

Here is the thing. News can cause different reaction for different traders from different segments of the market but there is no denying that it is the most important aspect in our decision-making process.

Is the next few lessons we are going to learn more about the news and its influence on the currency market. And right now… here is a video of some cure kittens. Relax for a minute! J