Last step - is it worth keeping a journal and learning about it?

Last step - is it worth keeping a journal and learning about it?

By this time even I am tired of talking about trading journals.

I am sure that your main thought right now – when will she stop taking about trading journals? WE GET IT! But. Here is my point – keeping your trading journal is tough. It is tougher than you think. It requires additional time, additional effort and additional knowledge.

Some time ago we compared 13-year-old’s journal to a trading journal. But for now you must have already understood – that is very far away from the actual truth. It is not only your thoughts and feelings.

It is research of the market, analyzing your past trades, thinking about the future trades and fixing your mistakes later.

For those of you who have never lead a life with trading journal I am going to open up the truth – the first couple of months of trading-journal-including are going to be one of the hardest in your whole trading career. But trust me, your effort is going to pay off in the end. You are going to see results and ask yourself one last question on the matter – why haven’t I done this before?

You are going to thank me later for having picked your brain so much about the whole trading journal business.