is foreign exchange trading profitable?

is foreign exchange trading profitable?

Because of a large number of the people enrolled in the forex trading, percentage of losses is also quite high. That is why there is no getting a straight answer out of traders – is forex trading profitable?

It is not easy to answer that question, especially if you are a trader who did experience losses in the field. For you the answer is going to be pretty clear – it is risky and not worth putting effort and time in. But for those who had gains and even managed to make a living out of forex trading the answer is going to be right the opposite.

In order to find the answer to the question we have to look on the daily turnover for the forex market. The number is somewhere about $5 trillion. That means that there are people on the market who make a turnover like that possible. I also have to say that among all of the markets forex has the biggest daily turnover with the second place being taken by the stock market with only about $300 billion turnover.


I am not going to justify by saying that forex trading bares minimum risks. That is not true at all. In fact, it is one of the most high-risk trading possibilities out there and those, stepping in the trades must understand that while it is possible to have winning streaks, it is impossible to win 100 percent of the time. But high risk is compensated by the possibility to earn and win big as well.

So, is forex trading profitable? Well, of course!

So, is forex trading profitable? Well, of course! It is designed specifically for bringing profits to people who are invested enough with all: their mind, their time and their money. If forex didn’t really bring profit, I do not think traders would stick around it so much. If everyone was losing, people would eventually leave and we would be here at this moment.

The real question here is how does one profit from forex trading? Well, there are several ways you can make money off major percentage of the trades that you put down, for example you can buy several trading strategies online and choose whatever suits you better from each of them. An approach like that would multiply your chances at being successful.

And trading strategy is something worth talking about as it is positively associated – the better strategy you have the more profitable you are going to be.

One of the surest ways to be successful in forex is to have a perfect forex signals provider. A service like that will ensure that you are not going to be lost in the sea of possibilities and that you are going to be supported at all times.