Introduction to harmonic price patterns.

Introduction to harmonic price patterns.

Remember trade patterns? The ones that we spent quite some time on and ones that taught us how to spot reverse or continuation of the trend?

Well, they have more complicated and more one-sided cousins, which we are going to have to spend some time to learn and understand in order to have even more tools to be successful in trading.

I am of course talking about harmonic price patterns.


These are the tools which are usually used to spot the reverse of existing trends and used together with Fibonacci retracement and extensions. The combination of these three is a real must-know if you want to become professional traders.

Now. while the real lesson is going to begin on Monday, I wanted you to see what we are up against this time:
  • ABCD Pattern
  • Three-Drive Pattern
  • Gartley Pattern
  • Crab Pattern
  • Bat Pattern
  • Butterfly Pattern
These are all the pattern that we are going to know how to spot by the end of the lessons.

More knowledge! Yay!!