Introduction into countries' profiles.

Introduction into countries' profiles.
So, as we have gone through several trading tools, learned trading patterns and seen the intermarket correlation allowing us to trade forex via stock the time has come to see the most important players in the field.

No, I am not talking about the most successful traders. I am talking about the most important countries with the biggest economies. Those countries the currencies of which are ruling our finances and influencing our trading.

The currencies which do not allow us to sleep at night and the currencies which we think about every day all day long just because we are going crazy without knowing what their charts against each other look like.
So. We are to take these countries and make several profiles out of them. This way we are going to learn more about their central banks, politics and economic system.
This way we are going to be in control of their every movement and we are going to be able to know them better than we have ever known.    

It is going to take us some time but in the end we are going to come out knowing more.

Let’s roll!