How to use harmonic patterns?

How to use harmonic patterns?

We have gone through harmonic patterns in one swift motion. But the most difficult part is not even over yet.

We might have glanced at their faces, but now we are going to have to learn to recognize them in the crowd and even more – remember all of their faces. Tough job I know. But this is the only party that might bring you money when it is over, so stick with me.

So, the first step would be learning to spot them in the crowd. You need to have the eyes of a bold eagle in order to be able to do so, let’s be honest. After all, trading graphs all look the same, especially to an inexperienced eye.

After you have spotted the patters you need to count it. that is the only way to understand what you are really up against. Look at them: they are like Olsen twins, only worse. There are more of them!

It all seems pretty easy, what is such a big deal, Anna, would you ask.
So, after you have seen the pattern and called it by the right name, you need to understand what signal is given out by the graph and determine your further actions.

It all seems pretty easy, what is such a big deal, Anna, would you ask. Well, the problem is that harmonic pattern are so perfect every time your eye just gets tired of looking for them. But di nit worry! All you need is to look in the right direction and understand – this is your real chance to earn some good money.

Oh, and I strongly recommend to brush of your Fibonacci knowledge. But you probably got that already!