How to use and remember all of the trading patterns?

So, the patterns were learnt and the heads were filled with information.

But wasn’t that too much of an information? Kinda lost it there for a minute? Yeah. Me too! That is why today we are going to look at the cheat sheet for all of the patternы that we have discussed over the last week. How would that go you wonder?
Well, you can hang this above your bed, as you are going to have to remember it to be successful in the future.

Here are the patterns that appear on the uptrend:
And here are the patterns that appear on the downtrend.

Please, note that triangles are not in here as they can form on both downtrend and uptrends and can signals about both – continuing and reversed trend.
I know, even with this information it is going to be tough to remember all of this, but with time you are going to get accustomed to all of this and see these trends long before they are going to occur.
What did you learn from our lessons?