Entry triggers - learn to find them.

Entry triggers - learn to find them.
As soon as you determine your potential trade area you are to look for entry triggers.

Yes, that’s right. This feel like trading turns into a scavenger hunt, I know. But these are the steps necessary in order for you to spot a perfect trade and not miss the opportunity to earn.

So, when you see a potential trade area you need to look at all of your tools which are going to tell you where to actually enter a trade without leaving you all in the dark and shedding some light onto the entering process.

Say you spotted a perfect bearish divergence as a potential trade area. First you need to look at whether you are to short because bearish divergence doesn’t always mean that shorting is your only option. Plus, even if you spot a perfect area to short is doesn’t mean that you need to jump right into it.

You might wanna research what all of the kinds of entry triggers mean and how to spot and always-ALWAYS make a screenshot of your trading. That is going to give you the possibility to re-confirm your hunches through the time. Just like with potential trading area.

The main point of a trigger is that is shows you exactly where to enter without missing the opportunity to earn. That is its only purpose.