Determine your personality - first step towards trading system
Those creating their own trading strategy usually just want to jump to that time where trading is as easy as making a pie and where they are sipping champagne of the most expensive brand on their own private yacht. But that is not really the case.

Before ever going to trade you are going to have to answer the eternal question – WHO ARE YOU?
That is right. Before trading you are going to have to go to the mirror and take a long and educational look at yourself. Who are you? What is your personality type? What strategy is going to suit you the best? There are the questions that all of traders are to ask themselves… in a perfect world where traders rule it all! 

Why is that a necessary step?

Well, your trading strategy is going to depend on your type of personality. That is practically the first thing that you are to determine. Not even how much and how fast you want to earn – this.

Think of a trading strategy as if it is a pair of shoes – if it doesn’t fit perfectly you are going to have a lot of troubles and in the end you are not going to come anywhere.
The worse your trading strategy suits your personality the worse results you are going to see along the way.

Next you are going to have to answer a lot of question about yourself. Are you ready?