Currency crosses + fundamental analysis = profits!

Currency crosses + fundamental analysis = profits!

We all know enough already to do a crossover of the topics that we have learnt!

Are you ready for this? Well, you gotta be. Let me be like a mild version of the markets – I throw unexpected things at you but with me you don’t lose money. On the contrary you learn how to gain it!

So. Currency crosses and fundamental analysis. Let dive into that! It is very interesting, but by combining these tow you have a possibility to have SO MUCH gains, you have no idea.

Imagine that you have come across a piece of news that tells you that EUR just had a good piece of news and is now surging! What a good piece of news, gotta go fishing for pips now. and of course the first instinct is to go for some EUR/USD right now! But wait! What is it? USD is also having a good run because of the expected economic data. And you look at the graph and you see that the two growths are cancelling each other out. What a shame!
What can you do in the situation like that? You need to find some currency which is doing much worse that euro, that’s what! Forget about dollar. There are plenty of other fish in the sea that you can catch!

Look for JPY, CAD, AUD, CHF… some of these are bound to have soothing bad on their horizon. And while it is horrible to wait for something bad to happen to others, there is nothing wrong with that in the markets! Moreover, it is good for you here.

So, do not be scared and hesitant to go for a hunt of bad monetary news. You need to be completely sure that you are going in the right direction. Check all the calendars and all of the news. Trust me, you are not going to regret your research time!