Before trading - what is your pre-trading routine?

Before trading - what is your pre-trading routine?

What do you do before trading?

Starting your computer, I know.

But what does your daily before-the-trading-session schedule include?

Remember that preparation to trading is just as important to your trading and to your earnings level as anything else. It is a crucial part of a trading routine and it is a very important part of your trading plan.

There are several main point that you absolutely must include in your trading routine before proceeding to the next steps of developing your own trading plan. They are:
  • Reviewing all of the open positions and making necessary adjustments;
  • Reviewing previous trades;
  • Reading all the necessary market news and updates;
  • Spot the news that can cause volatility in your chosen assets;
  • Prepare for open another trading session.
These easy steps are not only easy and something that you should already be doing as it is. They are also very important to the future of your trading. If you fail to do at least one of these things you are not going to unlock full potential of your earnings.

Your pre-trading routine is just another thing that you have to do while developing your own trading strategy.