Can I make a living by trading forex?

Can I make a living by trading forex?

For a lot of us that is the eternal question – can I become rich outside of my office? Can I stay at home and do something and make a living out of it? Can I actually earn off of my hobby and enjoy what I do for money?

There is an answer that will unify all of the cravings – forex.

Trading forex has become something a little short of a phenomenon. Everyone knows about it. Everyone follows at least some part of it. And everyone is inspired by the success stories that we hear about it. And if you are reading this that means that you have been doing a little but more than just thinking about it – you have actually started doing something.

Well! We have to congratulate you. Your life is about to change.

The answer to all of the question is yes – you really can make a living with forex trading, although it is not going to be a fast and easy process, so do not hurry and quit your day job just yet. You are going to need a starting capital and it is fair to say that if you want to play big you are going to have a lot of money in the beginning.


Now everything comes down to simple math problems. The more money you have in the very beginning of your trading career, the faster you can become a millionaire and make a living off trading. Take $5000. In case you are paying enough of your time in attention towards forex trading as well as the situation in the markets and the more careful and thoughtful you trade, the faster you can become rich and make a living. So, with $5000 you can reach your goal in about 5 years. With $10.000 that time can shorten to 4 years. With $100.000 to 2 years.

In this regard forex is a unique field. There is no way that you can have the same results in any other field. It is impossible to start off with $5000 in your pocket and end up as a millionaire. Of course the most important role here is finding a good broker that will lay out o realistic earning and trading scenario in front of you. A good broker will always look forward to your better future together with you and will not strive for your losses just so that you invest more into your account.

There is a lot of exciting stuff going on in the stars above us that makes astronomy so much fun. The universe is constantly changing and moving.

We are looking forward to hearing your success story!

Although it is not fair saying that trading forex and making good money via it is a very easy task. It is definitely not true. You are going to have to invest your time and energy towards learning all of the instruments and ways to earn in forex, you will have to follow its every movement in order to understand the possible future patterns of the market in order to be successful and make a living.

We are looking forward to hearing your success story!