can I get rich from trading forex?

can I get rich from trading forex?

They say that money can’t buy happiness.

But we would strongly disagree with the statement. There are literally so little problems that money actually can’t solve like world peace and learning whether there are aliens. Those are the problem from fiction. But all of your real problems? Think about it. Go over all of your personal issues in your head – how many of those could be solved if you were rich? We would bet almost all of them.

It is a dream for everyone – to live rich and luxurious life without having to worry about money, spending and working. This dream has been born with the first currency bill to ever be presented to the society and until we have the current monetary system it will not die out. A lot of cultures try and teach us that money and being rich are not as important as we believe they are, but guess what? No one really cares about opinions like that, no matter where they come from – we all just want to live without having to think about money.

That is why a lot of get-rich-quick schemes had and sometimes still have so many interest displayed to them. Those who have invented prolific embezzling schemes are now deemed to be successful businessman. Just watch WOLF OF WALL STREET and you will surely understand what we are talking about. Yes, THAT GUY is now touring the world talking about his experience!


Now, we are not here to talk about criminal offenses, no. We strongly discourage that! We are here to talk about ways to get rich. And one of those ways is trading forex. Trading in general. Now, what is trading?

With our massive exposure to the world of politics and finances you have surely grasped at least some information about this fascinating world.

In our minds trading is a bunch of people standing in front of one big screen, watching the graph and calling their clients in order to BUY or SELL as they yell into their phones. Traders have big luxurious 5th Avenue apartments, overlooking Central Park, they drive Ferraris and Lamborghinis to get their groceries and they are always watching financial news with a glass of scotch sitting on a leather couch.

Did we get it right? Well, while brokers’ lives can really seem that expensive and pretty, in reality the picture is not nearly as neat. Trading requires years of exposure towards a spectrum of very specific information, more than basic understanding of financial world as well as starting capital and nerves of steel.

What will you do if the market crashes in a matter of minutes? Your hair instantly goes gray, palms sweaty and your entire financial career flashes before your eyes? No. When you are a professional broker and/or trader that is not the case. You would instantly analyze the situation and bring all the losses to your profit. 

That’s funny and ironic how something that is so glamorous in our imagination in reality can be so prosaic and complicated. But we are not here in order to talk about the lives of traders and brokers. We are here to talk about money and the ways to multiply it.

Forex trading is arguably one of the most popular and well-known ways of trading in the market. And we are going to discuss the possibility of one to become enormously rich with it.

When talking about forex trading the first questions that pops into mind is – can it make me rich? How fast can that happen and what are the risks and peculiarities? Well. We are here to debunk the first myth – those with not enough trading experience, without proper trading signals provider, good broker and what’s most important without sufficient starting capital will never be successful in forex trading.

Let’s break it down.

Can you become billionaire by trading forex?

Well, the good news is that there are only 2 options of the outcome here. The bad news is that one of these answers is “NO”. But do not get agitated. We still have a “YES” as a second option.

Become a billionaire in any case is a meeting point for dozens of different conditions and there is absolutely no way to tell a combination of which of those conditions you are going to need in order to become rich in a said period of time for a certain person.

And yes, we know that all of this sounds pretty discouraging, but at this point the desire to make a lot of money should wash over you and tune out all of the fears and prejudice. And that is good. Having a financial drive is what will keep you going on every level of forex trading.

At this point we have to tell that turning your $50 bill into $5 billion net worth is not a simple task and while some people really do luck out, that unfortunately doesn’t happen to all of us. Most of traders have to work really hard. One will most likely have to come into thousands of peeps and hundreds of put down trades in order to understand the main principals of forex trading.

“So, can you become rich from trading forex? Of course!”

We can also assure you that even though we admit that everything so far sounds pretty complicated in reality it is just like driving a bike or a car – you are scared for the first couple of times and may even black out a little bit, but after that it will become so easy, understandable and enjoyable that you are not even going to think about it – you are just going to enjoy making money.

Billionaire over night – did we get inside your head and caught your dream by the tail? No shame in it – we all dream of it and not even at some point of our lives – every grown up person on the planet wants to be rich. And while forex trading can’t get you over the edge in the blink of an eye it is for sure a faster way to get there.

So, can you become rich from trading forex? Of course! It takes some time and patience, but that is a sure way to get to a filled wallet. How can you reach your desired sum faster you will ask? Well, success here comes from a simple rule – the more successful trades, the faster your earnings come to you.

Interesting peculiarity of forex trading is that it is not a job that can make you a rich person. It is you who must apply the job towards your best interests and your ultimate goal. You are the one who has to follow all the rules in order to become a millionaire.

It is absolutely possible to become an extremely rich person through forex trading. The main question here is how do you do that, right?

Well, for starters you are to get behind that wheel and learn everything there is to know about this ride. All the curves and weak spot – everything. Imagine becoming a perfect predator of trading if you will, where every put down trade is prey. That is what you are to become for the field.

Second, while we understand your desire to become rich as quick as possible we also understand that this can easily lead towards you putting down insane amounts all in one trade. That won’t do. You have to learn to spread your assets and finances for multiple trades.

Third, do not forget about your day job. While trading can bring you closer to your dream faster you have to have a consistent income source. So, do not hurry to quit your day job in order to give every last minute of your free time to forex trading. That is counter-productive.

REMEMBER – for a forex trading beginner it is impossible to generate enough money right off the start of the game. You gotta have income outside trading.

Also, while we see a lot of success stories where desired goal is set and reached in the span of one moth it is important to remember that a lot of those stories do not disclose the whole truth. Do not set unreasonable trading goals in front of yourself.

One more thing to take a note from – do not get yourself into a dead-end. Too many open trades, rules, time-frames, scopes – all of that is ruining the experience and can easily play against you in the trading world.

So, to answer the initial question: can you become rich from trading forex? Well, of course! That’s exactly what it is there for! So, the best advice that we can give you at this point is go get it!