Bitcoin lost 6% of value for the first time this month

Despite its very unstable and very turbulent performance Bitcoin didn’t withstand the pressure from the markets and plummeted – these are the results of today’s trading.

For the first time this month Bitcoin sank lower than $10 thousand even though its price it has been hovering around $12 thousand as of late.

In the beginning of the month financial experts were sure that geopolitical world tensions are going to be just right for the currency, but right now it seems that the coin wants nothing to do with the situation in the world.
It is expected that bear mood is going to be kept on by the digital coin and there are real risks that it is going to sink lower than $8000.

Those who think that bullish mood is going to prevail are sure that $20 thousand per coin is a pretty real goal for Bitcoin at the moment.

At this moment Bitcoin lost 16 percent of its value this week. 5.81 percent was lost today.